Have fun!  Join one of our leagues today!

Join one of our leagues and meet people just like you!  All of our leagues are co-ed, inexpensive, and handicapped. This means you can meet people just like yourself and have a great time while staying within budget!  Our 8 Ball and 9 Ball pool leagues are sanctioned by BCAPL Pool Leagues, and are a great way for beginners to get involved in the sport.  We also offer a Straight Pool League and a One Pocket League.  Pool not your thing?  No worries, we also offer Darts and Foosball.  There’s something for everyone!


California Billiards is proud to host the Action Dart League.  Handicapped and non-handicapped leagues available. 

Fill out the form and email it to    Tom Palermo   


New to darts and need more info?  Feel free to contact:

  - Tom Palermo @ 408-234-7131, tompalermo@sbcglobal.net

  - Max Wurzer @ 916-628-7437,

  - Allen Nutter @ 503-475-5778, or

  - ADL office @ 916-542-2351


7:00pm      Ladies Night!

                         - Ladies play for free!

7:00pm      One Pocket League

                         - Handicapped
7:30pm      BCAPL 8-Ball League

                         - Handicapped

7:00pm      14.1 Straight Pool League

                         - Handicapped
7:30pm      Weekly 8-Ball Tournament
8:00pm      Foosball League/Tournament

                        - Draw your Partner
                        - Info:  bayfoos@gmail.com

7:30pm      BCAPL 9-Ball League

                         - Handicapped

7:30pm      BCAPL 8-Ball League

                         - Handicapped​

8:00pm      Foosball League

                         - Beginner's League

                         - Informal / Instructional

                         - Info:  bayfoos@gmail.com


BCA Pool League​​ Members who play on a California Billiards hosted team receive a 20% discount on all food, drink, and merchandise purchases!  Just our way of saying "Thanks!" for your participation!

BCA Pool Leagues​​

Monday Night BCAPL 8-Ball League

League plays on 7' Diamond Pro-Am Tables.

Wednesday Night BCAPL 9-Ball League

League plays on 9' Brunswick Gold Crowns.

Thursday Night BCAPL 8-Ball League

League plays on 7' Diamond Pro-Am Tables.

14.1 Straight Pool League​​
Tuesday Night Straight Pool League

League plays on 9' Diamond Pro-Am Tables.

One Pocket Pool League​​
Monday Night One Pocket Pool League

League plays on 9' Diamond Pro-Am Tables.




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